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Warnings: This is yaoi and contains mature content between two males. You’ve been warned!

Pairings: Varrick x Ben

Preview Line: And before he knew it, his tongue was reaching out and practically begging for more.


Mission: The Lucina           


Ben grimaced and shifted his weight as he tore through more piles of clothes.

“Shit,” the blond cursed under his breath when he found no sign of the wooden chest.

He’d been looking for it for far too long and he was beyond frantic in his search now. This was supposed to be a simple nab and grab operation, but Benjamin Hangnail—currently employed as a shadowrunner—knew the second he saw the ships name, the Lucina, that it wouldn’t be easy.

Infiltrating a pirate ship was no easy task. Pirates were deadly, oversized men with a habit of taking what they wanted, when they wanted it and asking questions later.

He hadn’t liked the idea of boarding a pirate ship one bit, and he’d immediately recognized the name of this particular spaceship. The Lucina was a dangerous bunch of mercenary pirates, who traveled from galaxy to galaxy smuggling whatever paid the most at the time. Anything from spices to illegal drugs to bioware and cyberware implants. Ben had even heard a rumor about smuggled alien body parts. Why the hell would anyone want parts of a Sky Creature?

He’d only seen the alien in digital images, but he knew they were over seven feet tall with translucent wings and their entire bodies glowed with an eerie bluish tint. But it was their hook-like toenails and their screeching scream, which could instantly kill a man if he came within two hundred feet of them, that scared Ben into avoiding them at all costs.

He shook his head and turned back to his task at hand. He needed to find this wooden chest, or else he’d be caught by one of the pirates.

As a shadowrunner, he took odd jobs that most people didn’t want, or were afraid to do. Even his body had been specially modified in order for him to be a successful shadowrunner. And as such, he had been hired by yet another anonymous benefactor for a large sum of money to find this item within the wooden chest on the Lucina. He had almost refused considering the risks, but then this mysterious benefactor had increased the amount offered and had included important information regarding where to find the Lucina and how to sneak on board. This person had even somehow obtained access codes to the captain’s quarters, where the item was supposedly hidden.

Of course, now Ben was in the captain’s quarters, searching for the said object, and he’d looked all over the damn room. He hadn’t found anything. Had he been set up?

He was about to call this mission an utter failure because he’d already spent too long on the ship, when he heard a beep as someone tried to access the door.

“Error,” the door responded. “Access code denied. Error.” The door beeped again and Ben froze as he heard a few more clicks being entered. “System override complete. New code accepted. Welcome home, Captain Varrick.”

The door swooshed open and a tall, oversized man stepped through the doorway. His bright green eyes locked on Ben and he stormed forward with his hand firmly at his waist, ready to draw his weapon.

“Who are you?” he demanded. “How did you get into my quarters?”

Ben involuntarily took a step backward and bumped into the black dresser, which lay open and disheveled. It was obvious Ben had riffled through the man’s entire room, looking for something.

Captain Varrick was at least half a foot taller than Ben. He had ash-blond shaggy hair and light stubble around his entire chin and mouth. His emerald eyes reminded Ben of his own green eyes, but the man’s broad muscled chest and buff arms, which strained his white linen jacket to its max, reminded him that this man was nothing like himself. And to further prove that point, the captain was dressed in all white: white trousers, white undershirt, white tie, and white glossy shoes. Ben, however, was dressed in opposing black with a hooded black leather jacket, black t-shirt, and black tight-fitting jeans. The jacket he’d had specially made in order to resist extreme temperatures of heat, cold, poisonous gases, and even most laser weapons.

The young blond noticed the skinny and sheathed sword on the man’s hip along with two holstered laser guns. He doubted the sword could pierce his tough jacket, but if this pirate were skilled with his sword, then it wouldn’t matter. He could simply slice Ben’s neck in a blink of an eye. 

The man’s eyes glimmered as if he’d read Ben’s thoughts and a wicked smirk crossed his lips. His big hand gripped the hilt all the way around, threateningly.

Finally, Ben’s mind began to work again, and he remembered his skills as a shadowrunner. He was geared for impossible situations and close encounters with people. He was meant for seduction and smooth talking. So, Ben began to play his role and turned on his charms.

“I’m Ben,” he said, edging away from the dresser and standing straighter to stare this giant of a man in the eyes. “I’m a shadowrunner. That’s how I gained access into your quarters,” Ben said and gave the man a sly smile.

The captain kept his hand on his sword, but one eyebrow rose curiously at the word “shadowrunner.”

“Oh, a shadowrunner. Hmm, I’ve heard about your kind. What do you want, Ben?” the captain asked and placed emphasis upon his name as if spitting an insult.

Ben ignored it, though, since he was just glad he had the man talking instead of drawing his sword on him. If he could keep him talking, he could persuade him to give him what he wanted.

He took a confident step forward, surprising Varrick. “I was hired by someone. It seems you have something very valuable and they want it. They’ve paid me a lot of money to get it for them,” he said, and as he took another step forward, he swayed his hips seductively.

He knew he was being blatant at his game, but he also knew most pirates only cared about two things: surviving and fucking. He hoped he could seduce this pirate into giving him what he wanted by using his good looks, his tailored pheromones, and his scent glands, which would make Varrick swoon for him. And once the older man was under his spell, that’s when Ben would strike and kiss the man. All he had to do was give him one kiss and release a potent narcotic into his mouth, which would stun Varrick and render him immovable.

The captain tilted his head to the side as he studied the younger man and then flashed a lopsided grin. “Hmm, I think I know what you are referring to, shadowrunner. But what will you give me in return if I decide to help you?” he said, and this time, he took a domineering step forward.

Ben tried not to step backwards because in order to kiss the man he needed him to be close. Still, having Varrick up this close, and having to strain his neck in order to look up at him, made him realize just how huge this man really was. And it wasn’t just his height. Varrick’s chest stared him straight in the face, and his broad pecks seemed to flex purposefully through the thin material of his white overcoat. The young blond gulped and realized he was playing a very risky game.

Ben managed to look up into Varrick’s eyes defiantly. He didn’t like the tone in this man’s voice or the piercing hunger behind those eyes. Still, he needed Varrick to come closer in order for his plan to work, and yet, his pride screamed out against it.

But as he moved his head back an inch to tell that son of bitch off, his eyes locked with Varrick’s. Pure lust and raw desire filled those sparkling eyes, and before Ben could protest, the man’s masculine lips were on his. Varrick’s scruffy beard brushed against his lips and almost hurt, but as soon as the man’s wet tongue plunged into his mouth, all thoughts were lost.

The man’s tongue invaded, pushed, stroked, and demanded to be responded to. Varrick’s lips pried his open, but it was that insistent tongue and the way it moved back and forth against his own that made Ben’s heart beat irregularly. And before he knew it, his tongue was reaching out and practically begging for more. It wanted to be caressed more, teased more, twisted more…

But abruptly, Varrick pulled away and panted next to the boy’s cheek. “Damn,” he whispered.

Ben was out of breath as well, but with a horrifying realization, he wanted more, and yet another realization, he’d forgotten to release the damn narcotic. Shit! What the hell was he doing? Did he really want to get fucked by this monster? Was he really that horny?

He thought about the last time he’d even had sex. It’d probably been two months ago. In a galaxy where the human race was on the verge of extinction, the choices were slim. It was no wonder this man was having such an effect on him.

Still, Ben’s main goal was to get the job done, not to fuck. He needed to get the wooden chest, which had some sort of blue heart, according to his benefactor, and he needed to get the hell off this ship. And he needed to do it with his virgin ass in tact.

Varrick leaned back and grinned down at him. Ben rolled his eyes and said, “Listen, I’ll give it to you. You’re a great kisser, but there will be no deal if you don’t even show it to me. I mean how do I even know you really have what I’m looking for?”

The captain’s grin grew wider and he put both hands up in surrender. “All right, I see I won’t get anywhere with you until you’re convinced.”

The man turned and walked toward the other end of the room, near the bathroom doorway. He reached and pushed something seemingly invisible inside of the wall, and when he did, a panel in the center of the room’s floor shifted and moved.

Ben gaped and cursed to himself. He swore he’d looked at the flooring and all along the walls for any weird indentations, but he hadn’t seen anything. Still, there it was; a small, square hole in the middle of the captain’s quarters.

Varrick crossed over, reached inside, and pulled out the wooden box. He made his way over toward Ben, and the young man watched as the captain pressed his finger into a hole on the chest and it beeped. Curiosity got the better of him, and Ben leaned in closer as the chest popped open.

A stream of cold, dry ice swirled out, but as it cleared, Ben’s eyes widened as he saw a strange, yet similarly human-shaped heart. The odd thing about the heart, though, was instead of red it was blue. He knew right away it was a Sky Creature’s heart. He gasped and stepped away as if the heart might poison him.

Varrick chuckled and shut the box. Instead of bothering to place it back inside the floor panel, he set the wooden chest on his nightstand. Apparently, he didn’t even view Ben as a threat.

As irritating as that was, the young man was still trying to process what he’d just seen. He couldn’t believe this man had a Sky Creature’s heart. He knew it wasn’t impossible to kill one, but Sky Creature warriors implanted self-destruct devices into their bodies in case they died in the middle of battle. They made a point of not letting their bodies fall into enemy hands, for some unknown reason. So why did Varrick have a Sky Creature’s heart, or better yet, why did this mysterious benefactor want it?

Ben jumped as Varrick was suddenly beside him. “So, what will you give me for that, little pet?” the captain purred in his ear.

Crap! He’d been so distracted by his own thoughts, he’d forgotten about Varrick. He needed to be thinking of how to deal with this man first. Still, it was reassuring to know his mission wasn’t a failure and that the item did exist. Now all he needed to do was distract Varrick somehow, or perhaps, try and kiss him again.

He was still contemplating his next move and Varrick, tired of waiting, reached down and stroked his bright blond hair. The gesture was sweet for such a rugged man. But Ben didn’t flinch away and decided to try his hand at seduction one more time. He leaned into the man’s touch deliberately and smiled up at him. He gently touched the man’s rough fingers and brought them to his lips.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to get what I want,” Ben said, answering Varrick’s question in a hushed whisper.

Varrick’s eyes widened, but he leaned down and said, “Good, because I want you.”

Before Ben could run away, the older man’s moist lips were on him again, but this time, he only grazed his lips, urgently and a bit forcefully. The kiss was short, yet filled with promise, and even in that short second, Ben was left breathless.

Varrick pulled away and smacked his lips. “Mm, you taste so good. I want to taste more of you,” he said and flicked his tongue across Ben’s lips.

The young man felt a bit dizzy from Varrick’s kiss and he tried to clear his thoughts. Things were spiraling out of control too fast, and he seemed to be in slow motion, unable to react to Varrick’s intimidating presence. And before he could stop him, the older man scooped him up over his shoulder and hauled him over to the bed.

“Ah! What the hell?!” Ben cried out, but his cries didn’t seem to matter because in a matter of a few steps, Varrick had already reached the bed. He playfully smacked Ben on the ass and flung him down onto the bed.

Ben glowered up at him, but the older man wasn’t even paying attention. Varrick was already stripping off his clothes as if this were routine. The captain threw off his jacket and undershirt, revealing his broad, hairy chest. He took off his belt along with his sword and guns, but the man left on his trousers.

Varrick crawled onto the bed, and Ben sat up and made a move the man’s lips. He didn’t want this to go any further. He needed to kiss the man and release the narcotic. If he didn’t, this man would surely take it all the way. But the captain refused his advances and easily pushed him back down onto the bed.

Ben growled and Varrick snorted. “Impatient? Or is it you’ve never been topped by a man?” the captain said, nearly reading his mind. “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be extra gentle with you.”

He really didn’t like the sound of that and made a move to dash off the bed, but the captain’s large hand snaked up his shirt and squeezed one of his nipples. Varrick’s fingers worked his nipple, pinching it and then rubbing it out again lovingly. He playfully flicked his fingernail back and forth and twisted the pink nub in between his thumb and index finger. Ben didn’t know why but his body responded to those fingers. It was like a jolt of electricity shooting up and down his body constantly torturing him.

Pleased with Ben’s reaction, Varrick hurriedly grabbed Ben by the shoulders and heaved him up. He aggressively pulled off Ben’s jacket and yanked up his t-shirt over Ben’s head. He wanted to protest, but the captain’s hand was squeezing his nipple again. The man shoved him back down onto the pillows, and swiftly, those hot lips were pressed against his other nipple.

Varrick sucked on him while he teased his other pink nub with his fingers. Ben squirmed under his touch as the captain’s stubble scrapped his tender flesh, and the man’s heated mouth sucked vigorously. He couldn’t stand it anymore and he moved to shove the man off of him. But just as he did, Varrick put his nipple in between his teeth and nipped. A thrilling quiver poured down his body and he arched up into that bite, as if he were begging for it again.

“Mph!” Ben heard his muffled moans as his hands dug into the silky sheets.

Oh fuck! He was getting hard and just from having his nipples licked. His cheeks reddened and his breathing increased.

However, Varrick pulled back and moved his hands to Ben’s zipper, and shockingly, the boy didn’t stop him. In the back of his mind, Ben was yelling at himself that he needed to stop those rough hands, but at the same time, he was curious to see what Varrick would do to him. So far, he’d enjoyed this thoroughly, but still, he didn’t want to be topped by this man.

Varrick pulled down his pants and boxers all in one skillful yank, revealing Ben’s cute cock. The boy watched the captain’s reaction and saw how his eyes glazed hungrily. Shit. Ben’s cock was already wet and seeping with desire. Of course, Varrick couldn’t ignore that and his hand cupped Ben’s balls, massaging lightly, while his other hand worked its way up and down his soft shaft, slowly and methodically.

“Oh! Fuck!” Ben cried.

He arched his hips and began to hump in time to Varrick’s strokes.

The captain groaned. “Shit. You are so sexy. Where the fuck did you come from? I just might have to keep you,” he snarled.

Varrick unexpectedly released Ben’s cock and shifted off the bed. He moved a step to the nightstand and dug through the bottom drawer until he pulled out a small bottle. Ben eyed it suspiciously, but Varrick hurried back to the bed and crawled on top of him. He quickly popped off the lid to the bottle and poured some of the clear liquid into his hand. Ben gaped as he recognized the liquid. As a man who was used to being a top, he’d often used lube to prep other men, but he’d never had the stuff used on him.

Panicked, he tried to move away, to dive off the bed despite his bulging hard on, but the man grabbed him by the thigh and plunged a large finger deep inside of him.

“Ugh!” Ben choked on the pain.

Tears leaked out from his eyes, and he embarrassingly tried to hide his face from this horrible beast of a man. But with his free hand, Varrick moved his hand from Ben’s thigh and began massaging his sac again. The young boy felt a warm breath near his crotch, and shocked, he removed his hands from his face and found the captain hovering near his half-hard dick.

Varrick licked him teasingly, flicking his tongue over him until he twitched back to life. Then the captain popped his entire member into his mouth and sucked hard. His tongue lapped the underside of his shaft. The captain slid up and down until Ben was fully erect again, and then that sneaky finger began to move inside of him.

It beat against his insides in opposing rhythms to Varrick’s stroking mouth, and yet, Ben couldn’t seem to protest the invading finger anymore. His body wasn’t fighting it. Instead, he was becoming more and more relaxed the more that finger dug inside of him, the more it twisted and probed, and the more it found pleasure spots he’d never known about.

Ben moaned and distantly knew he was losing himself to this world of pleasure. But damn, he didn’t care anymore. He wanted to cum. It had been too long since anyone had touched him. He needed a good fuck.

However, Varrick ruined his state of euphoria as a second finger was inserted.

“Ow! Fuck!” Ben screamed and tried to kick out.

Varrick’s mouth slid off his cock and he held Ben down by his hips. “Calm down. I said I wouldn’t hurt you, right? And I haven’t, and I won’t,” he said and gave him a half-smile.

“No, that did hurt, you ass!” Ben yelled.

Varrick gave a hearty laugh as if he were laughing at a child who didn’t know any better. It made Ben’s cheeks burn bright red, but he still didn’t know why he should even be embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I’ll make it feel much better… right now,” he said, his voice turning sultry and those emerald eyes glittered dangerously.

Varrick’s mouth resumed, and soon, any complaints Ben had vanished. He could only focus on the sensation of Varrick’s tongue as it wrapped around his cock, and the wet slopping noises as the captain drank up his juicy pre-cum. His breathing became labored and his cock tingled as his heated orgasm threatened to surface and rip through him. But suddenly, those invading fingers began to move and distracted him.

This time, Varrick, took his time and gradually edged his way in, stretching him. Those digits slid past his rim and they began to curl up inside of him. Together, the fingers searched, then slid back out, then in again and ventured a bit deeper. They repeated until Ben was nothing but a whimpering, writhing, drooling mess underneath those talented fingers. The lube leaked out of him, and he spread his legs wider for Varrick.

“Oh! Fuck!” Ben moaned.

Varrick popped off the boy’s cock and looked up at him. Ben’s cheeks were bright red and his flush traveled all the way down his chest, which heaved heavily. He looked down at Varrick through half-lidded eyes.

Hastily, the captain got off the bed and stripped off his trousers to reveal his white boxer briefs. The briefs didn’t leave anything to the imagination and Ben realized the man was extremely well endowed. But he was too lost in his own heady desires to really register Varrick’s size. He just wanted to cum. He actually wanted to be fucked by this man so much that his balls were starting to ache. Damn.

The next thing he knew Varrick was above him and pressing his condom-covered cock up against his tight entrance. The older man leaned down next to his ear.

“I’m going to fuck you now, pretty boy,” the captain whispered.

Ben’s cock twitched lustfully and he reached up to grab the captain around his manly neck, bringing the man’s body down to his.

“Yes, please. Please, fuck me,” Ben heard himself beg.

“Shit. I really just might have to keep you,” Varrick said and slid his tip in.

“Ah!” Ben wailed.

Varrick grunted as he edged his cock in deeper. The head of his cock pushed in past the tight rim and Ben felt every agonizing inch of it. He clenched and gripped the man’s shoulders.

“Shit. So tight,” Varrick huffed and forced his way in deeper.

Ben gritted his teeth against the pain, as he was ripped open wider. The man’s cock stretched him impossibly wide, filling him. The sensation was anything but pleasant and he felt tears stroll down his face.

But then Varrick’s stubbly cheek was pressed up against his, and he whispered, “Hold on, pet, you are doing great. You feel great. It’ll get better, I promise. I’ll make you feel better.”

Varrick’s voice was soothing, and Ben was lost in that man’s soft rumble against his skin. The pain disappeared as Varrick pulled back, pulling out of him completely. The mounting pressure inside of him dissipated and he breathed a sigh of relief as his body relaxed. Yet, the captain came crashing down on him again, and the man’s thick cock thrust inside of him but the thrust was slow and rhythmic.

Varrick leaned forward again, only entering him halfway, but it was enough to have Ben groaning as his body slowly got used to being stretched and filled by Varrick.

But the more the captain pushed and slid into him, the more his hole accepted him, and the more Ben wanted this sort of pleasure. The more his body couldn’t deny that it liked it. He heard the slick slurps of his juices flowing and felt Varrick pump deeper inside of him.

As if it weren’t enough for him, Varrick lifted both of Ben’s legs and placed them up onto his shoulders in order to get a better angle. He thrust once, only halfway, and Ben cried out.


“Oh? Is it there? You like it right there?” Varrick said and slammed that spot again.

“Uh-huh! Hah! Guh!”

Ben could hear his own cries but couldn’t stop them from leaving his mouth. As the man ferociously and repeatedly thrust in halfway, he felt Varrick’s warm cock slide in and out against his sweet spot. The man ravished his body and he loved it every second of it.

“Ohhh, fuuuuck! I-I’m gonna—,” Ben started to say, but he didn’t even finish as the captain beat his dick once more against his insides and sent his juices splaying out onto his stomach.

Ben didn’t have time to gloat in the aftereffects of his orgasm because Varrick grabbed both his thighs and rammed his cock all the way in. He growled and began vigorously pumping his dick into Ben’s hole. The boy’s gaze locked with his, and immediately, he felt the man’s large cock twitch inside of him as he released his orgasm into the condom.

Ben looked down at his belly in a dizzying haze. He’d never had an orgasm from just anal stimulation before. He sighed contentedly. The man knew how to fuck.

He felt Varrick pull out and watched as he crossed the room to dispose of the condom. When Varrick turned around, Ben got a real look at Varrick’s size, even though he was now limp, and he about blanched. Shit. He was going to be sore tomorrow.

Varrick pulled on his boxer briefs and handed Ben some tissues along with his own underpants and jeans. Ben wiped off his stomach and in between his legs and began to dress.

Once the captain had finished pulling on his trousers and Ben finished buttoning his jeans, Varrick moved in to stand next to the boy and swept one of his golden strands from his forehead. “You know I could just force you to stay my prisoner,” he said.

“So what’s stopping you?” Ben retorted.

He liked this man. It had been a good fuck, but he didn’t want to be anyone’s prisoner. He had his pride and he enjoyed his job. But for some reason, he thought Varrick’s threat sounded empty.

“I’m afraid shadowrunners and pirates don’t mix. I don’t need more trouble, and you’d be doing me a favor by getting rid of that thing,” Varrick said, gesturing to the box on the nightstand.

It did seem weird he’d just let him go, but the man was right about one thing. If Varrick did try and kidnap him, his fellow teammates would come looking for him. And most pirates tended to avoid trouble by any means necessary.

But the thing about the heart…

“So do you know who’d hire me for the heart?” Ben asked as he moved away from Varrick and managed to pull on his t-shirt.  

“Hmm, I’m not really sure. They’d have to have my access codes, so my best guess would be someone from top military. They’ve wanted to study the Sky Creatures for a while. They are the only ones who could hack into our ships computer and gain access to the codes,” he said and shrugged.

Varrick turned and followed Ben, taking a step closer to him like stalking his prey. The man flashed a daring smile and said, “So, did you enjoy your first time with a pirate?”

Ben couldn’t help the amused smirk that crossed his lips. This man was really full of himself, and even though he had enjoyed himself, there was no way he’d tell that to this arrogant bastard. He just shook his head and said, “Our deal is finished, Captain Varrick. Give me what I want.”

Varrick frowned but grabbed the wooden chest from the nightstand.

“My blood was the key, but I’m leaving it unlocked now, so be careful with it,” Varrick said as he placed it into Ben’s hands.

The boy nodded and turned to leave, but again, Varrick’s voice stopped him as if he were hesitant to let the boy go. “I should see you off my ship. If anyone spots you, they’ll attack you.”

“That’s not necessary. I’ll be fine,” Ben said and slipped on his leather jacket just in case.

Varrick eyed him warily, and it was then that Ben noticed the twinge of loneliness in the captain’s eyes. He almost hesitated to leave, but Varrick blinked, and as if he’d imagined it, the captain’s eyes reverted back.

“It’s too bad I can’t lock you up and keep you,” the man said and punched in the new code to unlock his door.

The boy winked at him and said, “Even if you could, you wouldn’t be able to tame me.”

Before Varrick could reply, Ben rushed down the ships hallways and disappeared.

This is a very last minute bday gift for :iconpink-gizzy: for her contest.
I apologize for the length, and oh, so I totally lied and made Ben the uke :evillaugh: I went a little crazy with my pervertedness :devilish:
Anyway, enjoy and have a great bday!

Ben belongs to :iconpink-gizzy:

Varrick belongs to me Mandy Earles.

Pic of Varrick by :iconripperblackstaff:

To read more about Captain Varrick, read The Chained Devotion [link]
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This is a great story. I really enjoyed it. Pity that Ben ran away, though. Perhaps Varrick will find him. ;)
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Awe, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :hug:

Well, this one is just a one-shot from my series, Chained Devotion. Varrick finds himself a new toy in that series: Endo. And he definitely has no intention of letting Endo go ;)
siyeh75 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
I already started reading that one. Hehe.
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The real story, or my story, is called Chained Devotion and starts here: [link]

I should probably add that link into the author's comment box, lol. Sorry for the confusion and the late reply :XD:

Thanks so much for reading! :heart:
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Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :tighthug:

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Thank you so much for reading :heart:
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Advice? Uh, never give up and never stop writing, lol.
I would say the lame: Practice makes perfect... but whoever said that was full of shit XD
As a writer, we will never be satisfied with our writing. If you are, then you really aren't a good writer... Sorry, but that's the truth.
Writer's will edit their shit over and over until... finally their eyes cross, or until someone says their deadline is NOW.
For me, I have to sometimes put down my stories and come back to them weeks, months later because I no longer see the mistakes in my own writing. But the more you write and the more feedback you get from other writer's, the more you will learn.
When I first came to dA, it was my first time even posting my writing online. It was my first time writing in third person point of view. It was my first time writing yaoi and fanfiction. I challenged myself as a writer to do all of those things and because of it, I feel like my writing has improved.
So no matter what, just keep writing :D

Thank you again for reading!! Sorry it took me so long to respond XD
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TheAppleNomad Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
Great story, I really like u guys's OC's ^^
meryvamp Featured By Owner May 17, 2012  Professional Writer
YAY!! Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed the pairing :icondragonlick:

And thank you so much for reading :heart:
TheAppleNomad Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
^^ no prob darlin it truly was a wonderful story
I'm not gonna lie though I feel really srry for captain Varrick ^^;
meryvamp Featured By Owner May 17, 2012  Professional Writer
Awe, you are too sweet. I don't know if Varrick deserves any sympathy, though.

He already found himself a new pet: [link]
TheAppleNomad Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
Haha that was fast ^^
Thanks for that my sympathy would've bugged the living shiz outta me
meryvamp Featured By Owner May 17, 2012  Professional Writer
:giggle: No problem.

Yeah, don't be fooled by his pitiful green eyes. He's ruthless and he's a cutthroat pirate by nature :icondragonpet2:
TheAppleNomad Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
Hahaha wait wat about Ben?
meryvamp Featured By Owner May 17, 2012  Professional Writer
Well, you'd have to ask :iconpink-gizzy: if Ben ever finds his happily ever after.
But in my world, Ben suddenly develops a liking for pirates :yum:
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