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Mature content
Complications :iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 10 9
Damaged Wings Chap. 5 The Warning
Author's Notes: The ending to Chapter Four was slightly altered. Please re-read it before starting this chapter.</a> Otherwise, it won’t make much sense.
Preview Line: I didn’t like the sound of Tristan’s words. They sounded like a warning, a foreboding.
Damaged Wings

Chapter Five
The Warning

I turned around and saw Hunter standing by the entrance to the showers.
Damn, I’d been too preoccupied by my own thoughts. I’d let my mind wander with that stupid notion of “what if.” I’d filled my head and heart with hopes that would never come true. I’d gotten so sidetracked by them that I’d forgotten about the pain in my forehead and the fact that Hunter was waiting for me to change, which now made me look like a complete idiot.
Hunter’s widened eyes said as much, but it see
:iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 23 50
The Last Time
I saw you the other day.
Only two months had passed since we'd broken up, but there you were with your big puppy-dog eyes and your irresistible silky hair. You hadn't changed one bit, except for the girl who hung on your arm. She was the first to notice me staring at you and possessively clutched you closer. In return, you noticed me and gave me that cocky grin I used to love. You strutted over and introduced me as your ex but told me she was your girlfriend.
I couldn't help but glance over her and notice how opposite she was from me. Her blonde hair and blue eyes with her pale skin were as different as night and day from my black hair and brown eyes with sun-kissed skin. Was I so wrong for you that you had to choose someone so completely different from me? Was that the message you were trying to convey? If so, it worked because I couldn't utter a response to you. You'd won. I still wasn't over you, but you'd already moved on, you'd already forgotten all about me.
Could you see the hur
:iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 17 10
Mature content
Damaged Wings Chap. 4 Bully (NEW) :iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 19 24
The Cabin (Vampire Novel)
The Cabin
West released my wrist as we approached the front steps of the cabin. He stopped just short of the steps but only stared up at the wooden door as if expecting something to happen. And to my surprise, the door creaked open on its own.
My jaw nearly dropped, but I recovered as soon as I noticed a pale hand pulling the door inward. A tall, blond-haired vampire stepped out from behind the cover of the door and into the flickering lantern’s light.
This vampire wore his pale hair in a high ponytail and was dressed only in a long white, fluffy bathrobe. His grayish-blue eyes looked tired as if he’d been asleep and he gazed down toward West, skipping over me entirely.
“This is Cassie,” West began immediately. His tone was sharp but sounded a bit rehearsed like he was used to taking such a tone with other vampires. “She is not to be tasted by order of the Queen. However, since she is still bleeding, she will remain in your care until Sera
:iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 4 0
Mature content
Chained Devotion Chap. 3 Unforgivable :iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 25 55
The Crimson Fingernail Chap. 1 Cedar Forest
Warnings: None, but this is m/m and if I continue the story, it will eventually have explicit material.  
Chapter One
Cedar Forest
The superior god barely glanced up as he stepped over the threshold and into his mansion. It wasn't that he didn't see the other god; he just didn't care. Besides, Maxima was used to Inhom's sporadic visits.
"What brings you here so late at night?" Maxima asked, acknowledging Inhom's presence.
Bright crimson eyes turned to follow Maxima as he slid off his brown overcoat and hung it up on the nearby rack. He could feel the other's heated gaze at the back of his neck. Inhom was simply studying his reactions, his movements, and his temperament. However, Maxima nonchalantly turned around and vacantly stared at Inhom.
Satisfied by this behavior, Inhom uncrossed his arms. "Maxima, it is good to see you again," he said and took a step forward to greet him.
Maxima sidestepped him and grazed past him. It seem
:iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 12 8
Chained Devotion Chap. 2 Past Sins

Warning: Contains m/m themes
Preview Line: “Endo…” Alvaro said, clearly uncomfortable with the stretching silence. Endo arched an eyebrow, indicating that he was listening. “Why? Why did you leave me?”
Chapter Two
Past Sins
A smooth hand brushed across Endo’s cheek. Its skin was soft, softer than his own, softer than a gentle breeze, or the silkiest of sheets. The sleekness of that touch reminded him of the purple leaves from one of the plants on his homeworld, Galdera. He couldn’t remember the name or even the specific outline of those leaves, only that they’d been purple and they’d looked lovely when placed next to long, overflowing raven hair. Wait… what?
Endo realized he must be dreaming and tried to open his eyes in order to catch a glimpse of that soft hand, but a voice stopped h
:iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 28 21
What It's Really Like
***A really old and depressing piece that I wrote when I was in high school***
Would you like to hear a story? It's about my life, the things I deal with, and the things I question. Would you like to hear a cheery story with a teenaged girl who triumphs over her fears, and succeeds in her life? Well this isn't that kind of story. This is about me, myself, and I, to the T. It's the way I feel and I want you, the reader, to listen, judge me if you like, but listen to me. Hear my voice.
Sometimes…Sometimes it amazes me just how much things can change. Change can be good, and change can be bad. Change is apart of us all. It's in human instincts. When it comes most people don't even see it. Most people are completely blinded to change; others can see it coming from a mile away.
I would like to think I'm one of those people, who can see change coming, but sometimes it hits me so hard, I just fall.
I'm only sixteen! Shouldn't life be easier, and simpler than this? It was suppose to be so
:iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 10 6
Sleepy Kitty by meryvamp Sleepy Kitty :iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 8 1 Curiosity by meryvamp Curiosity :iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 11 25 Chasing Rainbows by meryvamp Chasing Rainbows :iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 10 1 Double Rainbow by meryvamp Double Rainbow :iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 11 7
Mature content
The Stained Marble Chap. 18 Vicious Cycle :iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 44 29
Mature content
The Stained Marble Chap. 17 Trust :iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 31 24
Just One More Kiss
Warning: Contains mild m/m romance
Pairing: Freddy x Justin
Preview Line: His words were like liquid fire running down Justin's body, scorching him, yet warming him in ways he'd only dreamed about.
"This is your new personal assistant, Justin Boliviar," his mother said as Justin froze just inside of the doorway and locked eyes with familiar green ones.
Justin had seen this guy just a week ago at a local bar. Justin was a teenager, only seventeen, but he worked as an assistant for his mother's music studio, and from time to time, he helped her out with some of the local bands. On this particular occasion, he'd been shadowing a co-worker in order to get the gist of the job when he happened to meet this strange fellow who'd introduced himself as Freddy Marcus.
Freddy's band had been at the bar performing that night, but Justin had been too busy trying to learn his new job to really notice. Of course, there was no way he could've known Freddy's band would show up a wee
:iconmeryvamp:meryvamp 27 23


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